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    Thanks for the wonderfully informative site, Aaron!


A devout, lifelong classic TV buff, I hail from The Big Easy Herself, New Orleans. I am a graduate of Isaac Delgado Community College with an Associate Of Arts degree. I currently work as an Xencom housekeeper at The Riverwalk Marketplace.

I also run a TV Web Shrine in my name, which serves as my "front" page; the URL is, and feel free to visit it. The TV shows which I fancy are Batman, Star Trek (classic!), Spider-Man (1967 animated series), The Monkees, Get Smart (CBS), M*A*S*H, The Joker's Wild (CBS), The Hollwyood Squares (NBC), Match Game 73-9/PM, The New Tom & Jerry/Grape Ape Show, The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour, Harlem Globetrotters (1970 animated series), The All-New SuperFriends Hour, The New Adventures Of Batman, Medium, Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Law & Order: Trial By Jury (which deserved better), My Name Is Earl, and Ghost Whisperer. And my favourite movies are Help!, Batman (1966), Casino Royale, The Odd Couple, HEAD, MASH, Live And Let Die, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978 remake), Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (extended director's edition), Star Trek III: The Search For Spock, A View To A Kill, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Batman (1989), License To Kill, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, Tomorrow Never Dies, Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Movie Film For Theaters, The Simpsons Movie, and The Dark Knight. (How much you want to bet that these films have either been spun off from or into well-known TV series?? Even Casino Royale had its turn on the small screen!)

It's great to be here! imageimageimageimage


Music, TV, computers, reading, HTML.


janitorial work at The Riverwalk Marketplace

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  1. Today's MF&TVV Update

    01/18/10 13:00:47 | 0 Comments

    This week's Featured Monkees Episode is No. 16, "The Son Of A Gypsy" (prod. #4724, aired on NBC December 26, 1966 and June 12, 1967).

  2. This Week's Monkees TV Almanac (1/17-23/10)

    01/17/10 20:53:39 | 0 Comments

    JANUARY 17, 1970

    "The Wild Monkees", Episode No. 42 of The Monkees (prod. #4765, aired on NBC November 13, 1967), was repeated @ noon EST on CBS, with a new song added: "Looking For The Good Times," written by Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart.
    JANUARY 22, 1968

    "The Monstrous Monkee Mash" (prod. #4767) first aired @ 7:30 p.m. EST on NBC...
  3. Birds, Bees, and The Monkees Deluxe Box set news...good and bad!

    01/13/10 13:13:54 | 0 Comments

    The good news is, it's finally coming out on February 8, after a 2 year wait.
    The bad news is, it's available only on Rhino Handmade!
  4. Today's MF&TVV Update

    01/11/10 14:10:53 | 0 Comments

    Episode No. 33, "It's A Nice Place To Visit..." (prod. #4752, aired on NBC September 11 and December 18, 1967) is The Featured Monkees Episode Of The Week.

  5. This Week's Monkees Music & TV Almanac (1/10-16/10)

    01/10/10 16:03:59 | 0 Comments

    JANUARY 10, 1967

    The Monkees' second album, More Of The Monkees (Colgems #COM/COS-102), was released on LP and 8-track. It featured both sides of the Colgems #66-1002 single, issued on November 12, 1966 ("I'm A Believer", b/w "[I'm Not Your] Steppin' Stone"), as well as some TV-soundtrack tunes ("She," "Mary, Mary," "Laugh") and non-TV soundtrack tunes ("When Love Comes Knockin' [At Your Door]," "Hold...
  6. Today's MF&TVV Update

    01/06/10 13:22:12 | 0 Comments

    For "The Monkees Blow Their Minds", a list of original commercials is added and a Trivia Note updated.

  7. Today's MF&TVV Update

    01/06/10 13:16:58 | 0 Comments

    For "The Monkees Blow Their Minds", a list of original commercials and a Trivia Note is updated.

  8. This Week's Monkees TV Almanac (1/3-9/10)

    01/04/10 13:30:21 | 0 Comments

    JANUARY 3, 1970

    "Everywhere A Sheik Sheik", Episode No. 35 of The Monkees (prod. #4749, aired on NBC September 25, 1967 and April 8, 1968), was repeated @ noon Eastern on CBS.

    JANUARY 6, 1973

    "The Chaperone", Episode No. 9 of The Monkees (prod. #4711, aired on NBC November 7, 1966), was repeated at 1:00 p.m. EST on ABC.

    JANUARY 8, 1968

  9. Today's MF&TVV Update

    01/04/10 13:15:52 | 0 Comments

    Episode No. 15, "Too Many Girls" (a.k.a. "Davy And Fern") (prod. #4729, aired on NBC December 19, 1966), is the first Featured Monkees Episode Of The Week in the year 2010!

  10. First MF&TVV Update For The Year Of 2010

    01/02/10 14:01:29 | 0 Comments

    Happy 2010, Monkeemavens! Thanks for making 2009 another good one for The Monkees Film & TV Vault; here's hoping this year's a better one! For Monkeemavens, we observe this year the 40th anniversary of the initial the releases...